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Mission Statement

The Serbian Singing Federation proudly boasts more than 75 years of existence in North America. During its more than seven decades the SSF, through its member choirs, has continuously served to perpetuate and promote the cultural, liturgical and ethnic music of our Serbian forefathers, which proudly herald our rich history. The SSF strives to provide leadership and guidance to its member choirs in their individual efforts to continue the march into the future. 

It is the fervent hope of the S.S.F. that our choirs will continue to work and prosper as one of the finest ethnic organizations on the continent. We join with all of you in the endeavor to perform and promote our music with pride and joy for many decades to come. 

What is the Serbian Singing Federation?

The Serbian Singing Federation is a non-profit organization, founded for the purpose of organizing, developing and coordinating the efforts of its member choirs through festivals, conventions, choral workshops, scholarship funds and recordings.

Although the S.S.F. cooperates with the Serbian Orthodox Church on a national basis and all of our churches on a local level, it is a separate, non-profit organization.

Through its choirs the S.S.F. seeks to perpetuate among Americans and Canadians of Serbian descent the priceless cultural heritage of their church and secular music. 

The S.S.F. strives to: 

  • encourage, foster, and assist in organizing and developing Serbian Singing Societies and choirs

  • publish and distribute Serbian music for use of its member choirs

  • encourage and perpetuate the Serbian language, religion, music, dancing, and other Serbian folk arts

  • provide entertainment and cultural activities among American and Canadians of Serbian descent

  • provide scholarships for talented and deserving students desiring to specialize in choral music

  • contribute to the moral, cultural, and spiritual uplift and development of American and Canadians of Serbian descent