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  • Junior Brankies Complete Successful Year

  • St. Sava Choir, Mississauga, Ontario - Participates in Spiritual Concert

  • Brankies Perform at SSF Festival


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75th Festival 

pitt ssf festival 2017

The 76th Annual SSF Festival will be hosted by
"Holy Resurrection Choir" Pittsburgh, PA  
May 26-28, 2017.



2016 SSF Convention Steubenville

The Petar Krstich Choir in Steubenville, Ohio will be hosting the 75th Annual SSF Convention! 
Mark Your Calendars! 

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choral workshop 

choral workshop 2014 chicago

2014 Choral Workshop held on the occasion of the centennial of the death of Stevan St. Mokranja,
Hosts to be announced soon. 

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$1000 Prize
6 Yearly Drawings
Starting May at Festival
1000 tickets printed



September Drawing Winner:
#305 Johnstown, PA




Welcome to the Serbian Singing Federation Web Site!

For nearly a century the Serbian Singing Federation (SSF), through its member choirs, has been the Ambassador of Serbian song on the North American continent. The SSF has provided leadership, guidance, resources, and musical events to promote and perpetuate Serbian music on this continent. The SSF has made much progress since its early days of organization with promise of an even greater future.

It is our hope that this web site will acquaint you with the Serbian Singing Federation and its member choirs. In browsing this site, we hope you will find the history, goals and accomplishments of this organization enlightening and enjoyable and will realize and appreciate the importance of the SSF for the furtherance and maintenance of Serbian musical culture in this land.

The sacrifices of many have collectively contributed to the birth, continued growth and prosperity of the SSF. Our common interest to uphold and to keep alive here in America and Canada, the beautiful and nostalgic Serbian songs is
a bond of fraternal kinship that we cherish. Our common endeavor to leave a heritage of songs to the future generations is our aim, and may those who take up where we leave off find the spiritual inspiration and musical happiness that we have with our member choirs.

May the future be even more glorious than the past, God grant!

Sincerely and musically yours,
Executive Board
Serbian Singing Federation

"Ko Peva, Zlo Ne Misli" 
"He who sings, thinks good thoughts!"
"Jednom pevac, uvek Srbin"
"Once A Singer, Forever A Serb!"
"The history of a people is found in its song"
- George Jellinek

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S.S.F. Choir Blogs

  • S.S.S. Gracanica, ON
  • St. Elijah Serbian Church Choir, PA
  • St. Nicholas Serbian Church Choir, PA
  • St. Sava Serbian Church Choir, PA
  • Dr. Laza Kostich Serbian Singing Society, PA
  • St. Nicholas Church Choir, Monroeville, PA
  • Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Cathedral Choir, PA
  • S.S.S. Josif Marinkovich, PA
  • Tsar Lazar Male Choir, PA
  • S.S.S. Stevan Sijacki, WI